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Holidays are ruined! Bad news from Eser-Berfu Yenenler couple

Famous actress Eser Yenenler joined her life in 2019 with Berfu Yenenler, the 4th of Miss Turkey 2015. The couple, who are at the...

The Artemis mission, where humans will set foot on the Moon, begins

NASA plans to send astronauts to the Moon and then to Mars by 2025 as part of the Artemis mission. Getting help from space companies...

What is a magnet and where is it used? What are its features?

You hear about the magnet all the time and it appears in many areas of your daily life. Magnets have an important place in...

A migration story

In this novel, Banguo─člu novelized the sad story of those who came from Crete to Macedonia and migrated from here.Throughout the novel, pain, longing,...

This gastronomic festival is another

As you know, almost every city has a gastronomic festival. Unfortunately, most of them are organizations that are organized without knowing what purpose they...

What Are Citrus Fruits? Where Does It Grow? Benefits and Types

Mediterranean Scented Orange Family: CitrusThe yellowish citrus fruits, which also give the orange color its name, also function as food, perfume essence or natural...

Things to Know About Pet Passport

If you are going on long-term trips abroad, you may want to travel with your pets, which are your best friends. Your pet must...

What is epilepsy? What are the symptoms of epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a chronic (long-term) disease, also known as epilepsy. In epilepsy, sudden and uncontrolled discharges occur in neurons in the brain. As a...

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