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TSMC Will Reduce Orders By 50 Percent

Taiwanese TSMC, which had a great rise especially with the pandemic period, continued its record revenues until the second quarter despite the global economic crisis. However, the wind began to turn.


Despite achieving record revenues, it was clear that something was wrong with TSMC, which went to a capital reduction. Last week, the CEO’s advice to his employees to take some time off also caused the shares to drop for a short time. The color is starting to show.

According to the information received, TSMC is preparing to cut around 50 percent in terms of general orders. In particular, the fact that customers cannot make the sales they expect causes a decrease in chip orders. In this regard, TSMC has decided to cut orders.

However, the test stages of the 3nm process were quite successful and there was close to 2 times the interest compared to the previous processes. However, there was a 77 percent decrease in 3nm production due to Apple delaying its chip plans in the 3nm process until 2023 and Intel’s delays. It is stated that the company will not produce any 3nm chips for Apple until the end of this year.

There is no doubt that the developments on the TSMC front will affect the chip world. It will not be difficult to predict that designers who are currently trying to optimize stock will postpone certain projects.

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