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What is a magnet and where is it used? What are its features?

You hear about the magnet all the time and it appears in many areas of your daily life. Magnets have an important place in human life in terms of their properties. It is also widely used in the industrial field. You can learn exactly what magnets are and the details of their usage areas. We have compiled all the details about magnets for you.

The history of magnets begins with the first discoveries of magnetic stones. Starting from 1845, such stones are called magnetite. It is a mostly black iron and oxygen or iron hydroxide mineral that develops naturally by volcanic activity and has its own magnetic property.

What is a magnet?

Simple definition of magnet; “An object that has the ability to generate a magnetic field and has the ability to attract different poles.” is expressed as. More detailed and complex descriptions of magnets are also available. However, this definition is comprehensive and understandable compared to other narratives.

In Which Areas Are Magnets Used?

The areas of use of magnets are:

  • Magnets are used to create magnetic needles and sailor’s compass.
  • Permanent magnets are used in generators, electric accelerators and electric motors.
  • Electromagnets are used in loudspeakers, electric bells and electric winches.
  • Magnets are used to separate the iron filler from the other solid mixture.

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