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This gastronomic festival is another

As you know, almost every city has a gastronomic festival. Unfortunately, most of them are organizations that are organized without knowing what purpose they will serve, only to entertain the local people and will not benefit the city much. This is exactly why the gastronomy festival, which will be held in Tokat next week, draws attention with its content and the meaning attached to it.

What will be talked about at this festival is the product, what will be emphasized is the importance of the local seed and the story of all these from the field to the table. Unlike its neighbors, Tokat, which has an altitude that allows precipitation, has an extremely mild climate. It has all the plant varieties of the Black Sea in the north and Anatolia in the south. The plains of Kelkit, Kazova and Artova are watered by three separate branches of the majestic Yeşilırmak. As such, there is a tremendous endemic wealth. For example, people of old Tokat can count more than 30 Tokat-specific varieties of apple and pear, such as oily scarlet, bride apple, redwood, pehrizoğlu, tulip, and quail.

The city’s signature dish is Tokat kebab, which is distinguished by its cooking technique and ingredients. In Tokat kebab, the region’s delicious aubergines, especially local linda tomatoes, green peppers with Kazova meat and Artova potatoes are used. This period, when vegetables are the most honeyed, is also the most delicious time of Tokat kebab. Meat is another matter. The meat used in Tokat kebab must definitely belong to the free-fed Karayaka sheep in the Tokat highlands. The tail of this native breed is whip shaped. Since the fat accumulated in the tail is evenly distributed throughout the body of this breed, their meat is very tasty. Karayaka meat, which has been rested for at least two days, is placed in bottles with eggplant and potatoes, and a huge piece of lard on top of them. Then, tomatoes, green peppers and whole garlic are placed on separate skewers.

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