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What are the similarities and differences between the song and the song?

Comparison of Song and Turk, Differences and Similarities Between Song and Turk In Brief Song and folk song are two forms of verse used in Turkish literature. Both are sung with a melody of their own. However, folk song is an anonymous folk literature and song is a verse form of Divan literature. Therefore; The folk songs are anonymous, but the author of the songs is known. Folk songs were formed with syllabic meter and songs with prosody meter. Folk songs are written with quatrains, songs are written with stanzas. The song verse form was brought to Turkish literature by Divan poets. It can be said that the Turkish verse suffix has an effect on this. Nedim, the greatest master of the genre, comes to mind first when it comes to song verse. Any folk literature verse form becomes a folk song when it is sung with a melody. For this reason, there are also folk songs whose owner is known.

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