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What Are Citrus Fruits? Where Does It Grow? Benefits and Types

Mediterranean Scented Orange Family: Citrus
The yellowish citrus fruits, which also give the orange color its name, also function as food, perfume essence or natural cleaning material. We can invite you to the lines below to get to know these crustaceans, which can look sweet and make sour surprises.

Citrus fruits, which are also known as citrus fruits, are consumed in their raw fruit form, are also tasted in olive oil dishes, play a leading role in desserts, compotes and marmalades, are transformed into room fragrance on the stove with their peels, and into tea with their leaves. Although its homeland is distant lands such as China and India, the citrus fruits that we adopt in the kitchen as a member of our country grow on small trees.

Those who ask what citrus fruits mean can get the answer citrus fruits, citrus fruits are called citrus fruits. Fruits with five-part sepals and stone leaves can be seedless or seedless.
Citrus trees, which usually bear fruit in winter, are known for their fruits rich in vitamin C. While the citrus fruit is green when it is raw, it can be yellow and orange when ripe.
As a result of some grafting, green crops are also obtained in their mature state.
The size of the fruit varies according to the species.
Citrus products that offer sweet and sour flavors are also grown in our country.

What are the Citrus Varieties?
The question of which fruits are citrus fruits is answered with familiar faces that are often on the table. Orange, lemon, tangerine, citrus, grapefruit and bergamot are members of the same family. Here is the list of citrus fruits!

1) Orange
It is a citrus fruit variety that enchants with its scent, makes its home in every corner by making fruit juice, and is frequently found in cakes and desserts.
Oranges, of which there are about 600 varieties all over the world, are juicy and stone fruits.
Orange fruits, eaten by peeling, have a slightly sour-sweet taste.
Belledonia (Belladonna), Jaffa, Valencia, Washington, Navel, Blood orange and Tarakko are the most well-known varieties of oranges.
One of the most famous orange varieties in our country is the Finike orange.
The peels of oranges, which are used in food, jams and marmalades, can also be put into the dish of celery.
It can also be included in desserts in harmony with fruit, cloves and cinnamon, which flavor the dishes to which it gives a sour taste.

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