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Traffic signs

Traffic rules are rules that make life easier for everyone and are created to protect people from danger. Traffic rules, especially for pedestrians, are concepts that should be given to students from an early age. Thanks to the traffic rules, students will feel safer by having a lot of information and will act according to the warnings by looking at the signs. For this reason, every student should learn the traffic rules. We have compiled the details of traffic signs and signs related to traffic rules at the 3rd grade level.

There are dozens of traffic signs. Thanks to traffic signs and signs, pedestrians, animals and vehicles are protected from any accident. For this reason, it is very important to obey the traffic signs. Giving traffic signs to students from a young age allows students to live a much more sheltered life. Thus, students who learn traffic signs will be able to protect themselves against the problems they may encounter in traffic by applying these gains in their lives.

Traffic Concepts

The state and movements of people, animals and vehicles are called traffic. Traffic includes many concepts such as pedestrian, animal, driver, vehicle. People who drive on highways are called drivers. It is seen that many different vehicles are used in traffic. Each vehicle is controlled by a driver. Persons who are not in the vehicle and are stationary or in motion on the road are called pedestrians. The main purpose of traffic rules is to protect pedestrians. Traffic rules are rules created especially for pedestrians and aiming to protect pedestrians. Thus, thanks to traffic signs, people, animals and drivers will be protected and any accident will be prevented.

While the prohibitory signs are in the form of a circle, the edges are generally red signs, which is one of the most important points to pay attention to, an informative sign and its signs are generally formed in blue and white colors. It is very important for students to pay attention to this information as well.

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