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The harms of using ear sticks

Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Dr. Serdar Baylançiçek warns that if the ear sticks, which are normally produced for cleaning the curved areas of the auricle, are inserted into the depths unconsciously to clean the inside of the ear canals, it can cause many diseases, from fungus to perforation in the eardrum, from infection to hearing loss.

The external ear canal may be scratched or damaged.

While contact with water increases during the pool, sea and shower, especially in summer; People who mix their ears with an ear stick can cause some invisible scratches and bruises in the outer ear canal.

Bacteria can easily enter through those bruises and cracks and cause an infection in the outer ear canal.

It is very easy to get infected. Therefore, it is necessary to act consciously and not to put the ear sticks deep into the ears.

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