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Where is Struga ?

“Struga is like no other”

Struga has a convenient location. It is located in the south-west of the Republic of Macedonia, on the northern shore of Lake Ohrid, on both sides of the river Tsyrn Drim. It lies on the old Via Ignatsiya road.

The settlement with the name of Struga was founded in the XI century. It is commemorated at the beginning of It was known as the well-known fish district during the Middle Ages, being a small lakeside location for a long period of time, its inhabitants were engaged in fishing, animal husbandry and agriculture.

Struga as a city status in the XVI century. It is mentioned in the documents of Mletak deputy Lovro Bernard in Istanbul towards the end of the year (1591). It gains great commercial importance in the 17th century, it has a bazaar, a bazaar and a big fair. Struga’s unique speech from the economic development of this period is famous.

XVII century Towards the end of the century, with the spread of the Austrians to the Balkan peninsula, the development stalled, in fact, due to the good location of the Via Ignatsiya road, Struga was able to maintain its existence as a city and towards the end of the XVII century and the XVIII century. At the beginning, Albanian people started to settle in the region from the slopes of Yablanitsa and Mokra Mountain.

Towards the end of the XVIII century and at the beginning of the XIX century, it was exposed to the thefts of fugitives from Albania. Insecurity has caused commercial exchange to stall. At that time, cases of resettlement to the city were recorded with re-migration from Macedonian and Albanian people.

In addition, strugada is one of the trips that are at the top of the travel guides (lists) of the schools in Kalkandelen, just like the shaddagi, and are usually held in May. In this trip, the students have fun on the one hand, and on the other hand, they get useful information about Struga from the lecturers. The boarding trip program is implemented as four days and three nights.

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