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Israeli Head of Internal Intelligence visits Cairo to defuse the ‘Israeli-Egyptian crisis’

It has been reported that Ronen Bar, head of the Israeli Internal Intelligence Service Shin-Bet (Shabak), visited Egypt to alleviate the political crisis between Tel Aviv and Cairo.

According to the news of the Israeli Public Broadcasting Organization KAN, the Head of Israel’s Internal Intelligence Service, Bar, met with Egyptian officials in the capital, Cairo.

In the news, it was noted that Bar’s visit was aimed at “placing the crisis between Israel and Egypt and returning the relations to a healthy course”.

The Egyptian authorities have not yet made a statement on the subject.

According to reports published in Israel and in the international media, after Israel’s latest attacks on the Gaza Strip, Egypt demanded a reduction in tension in the West Bank. However, after the Tel Aviv administration ignored Cairo’s request, there was a political crisis between the two countries.

Israeli attack on Gaza
On Friday, 5 August, the Israeli army launched attacks on some points in the Gaza Strip that it claimed belonged to Islamic Jihad.

As a result of the attacks that lasted for three days, 49 Palestinians, including women and children, lost their lives. Hundreds of rockets were fired from Gaza in the direction of Israel, but there was no loss of life in Israel.

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