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What Are the Symptoms of Air Conditioning Impact?

It is a fact that the warmer weather increases the use of air conditioners. But the air conditioners you turn on to get rid of the suffocating effect of hot weather can also cause you to get sick if you do not pay attention to some points.

What is Air Conditioning Strike?
Whether you are outdoors or indoors, your body temperature is also affected by hot weather. When you turn on the air conditioner due to the discomfort you feel from the increased body temperature, your body is exposed to cold air. This temperature change due to air conditioning also causes some health problems. This is called an air conditioner crash.

What Are the Symptoms of Air Conditioning Impact?
The symptoms of air-conditioning strike may be the symptoms seen in the common cold or may occur with different reflections. The symptoms that can be seen as a result of an air conditioner strike are as follows:

Muscle pains that can be seen in one or more points of the body such as neck, arm, back
chest pain
Throat ache
Respiratory problems such as nasal congestion, difficulty breathing
High fever
Severe headache
Feeling of weakness due to decreased body resistance
skin dryness

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