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Things to Know About Wallpapers

Today, wallpapers are widely used in many places such as cafes, restaurants, offices, workplaces, homes, hotels. Wallpapers are more economical than paint in terms of usage time. While it is necessary to have the paint done more frequently, it can be used easily for at least 10-15 years in the places where the wallpaper is applied. The warranty periods of the companies vary between 5-10 years. It is very easy to repair the deteriorated parts of the wallpaper.

The application of wallpapers is very easy and practical. However, it is still recommended to be done by expert teams. Because everything from the glue used in the wallpapers to the pattern repetition is very important.

The surface on which the wallpaper will be applied must be smooth. Wallpapers should be made on plaster or paint. If there is satin paint on the surface, wallpaper can be applied after applying the recycling primer. It is not recommended to make wallpaper on damp and damp surfaces. After the necessary arrangements and modifications are made, the wallpaper can be easily applied.

With the developing technology, there are many color options in the wallpapers and no color fading is encountered.

The concept of our house, that is, modern or classic, is important in choosing wallpaper. The place where the wallpaper will be applied and the items inside will help us in choosing the wallpaper in terms of both texture and color.

When purchasing wallpapers, it should be noted that they are not nylon, fabric textured and fiber. Especially when choosing wallpaper for children’s and baby rooms, one should be very careful and attention should be paid to the fact that the wallpaper is breathable.

Cleaning the wallpapers is not a process that should be done very often. However, in cases where cleaning is required, it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge. In fabric models, cleaning can be done by removing dust with the help of a brush.

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