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Seniors Club members socialize during the summer

Family, Women Support and Disabled Persons Center (AKDEM) social services unit, which aims to enable elderly individuals to continue their lives in a healthy and social life, established the Elderly Club for individuals over the age of 65. The center carries out studies aiming to socialize the elderly individuals who could not go out, socialize and have increased anxiety levels, especially during the epidemic period, for 6 weeks.
Family, Women Support and Disabled People Center (AKDEM) has been organizing events since 2008 that enable elderly, care-needed, lonely and all disadvantaged individuals to continue their lives as healthy, self-sufficient individuals without breaking away from social life. Active, healthy, quality aging is possible with the participation of the elderly in social, cultural, economic, mental and physical activities in their daily lives.


AKDEM established the “Elders Club” consisting of individuals over the age of 65 in order to minimize the negative effects of the elderly and their caregivers during the epidemic, to get together with their own age groups, to ensure their socialization and to gain positive emotions. The Elderly Club activities, which start with meeting and warming up games, are divided into 3 categories: physical, mental and social. In addition to physical activities such as marbling, candle making, pumpkin and stone painting, social activities such as puzzle solving, tangram, scrabble, flower planting, travel and picnic continue for 6 weeks.

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