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Are Instant Fruit Yogurts Harmful?

Turkey is a country that consumes a lot of yogurt in general. Both homemade yogurts that we make at home with our own hands and ready-made yogurts are consumed quite a lot. It is especially indispensable for lunch and dinner. So, are ready-made fruit yoghurts harmful?

In the past, our mothers used to bring the marvelous jams they made at home, mixed with yoghurt. There were even people who obtained a mixture of natural fruit particles and yogurt. However, thanks to the developing technology, these natural mixtures prepared at home have been replaced by ready-made fruit yoghurts.

If we add the increase in preference options and the inconvenience of preparing at home, we have already parted ways with natural products. The new fashion is the consumption of ready-made fruit yoghurt.

It has taken its place in ready-made fruit yoghurts, which are produced under certain market conditions and contain various additives in order not to spoil for a longer period of time. These yoghurts contain more substances than they should be. Prepared fruit yoghurts, which are an important food source especially for babies and children thanks to their rich nutritional content, may contain various chemicals.

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