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15 Things You Should Know About Parrot Care

Parrots can be a very good friend as well as a very good friend, a roommate to you. In order to have such a good friend, you must take care of your parrot correctly and ensure its comfort. By applying 15 things you need to know about parrot care, you can ensure that your parrot has a clean and comfortable life.

Cleanliness of water and feed
You should clean the parrot’s food and water bowl and put in new food and water every day.
Cage cleaning
Clean the parrot’s cage every 2 days to prevent its health from being at risk. Ensure that your parrot is protected from parasites, as the nuts will create a moist environment at the bottom of the cage.

You should constantly change the places of the toys that the parrot will play in the cage, and ensure that the toys go to other areas from where they are.

Latest Posts

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