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What is Zamzam Water ?

This water, which is included in the Bible and the Covenant, astounds people who see it and has been flowing non-stop for 4000 years, leaves scientists and people who read its miracles astonished. The source of this water, which feeds a whole country, has still not been found. According to the Islamic belief, zamzam water is a holy water and has been a medicine for many diseases. As a result of their latest research, scientists have confirmed that this water is really good for many diseases, and that it is one of the rare clean water sources in the world that does not contain bacteria and microorganisms.

Zamzam water, also known as Hemze, Tayyibe, Tahire, Sharabu’l-ebbar, is found in Mecca, in the Harem-i Sharif. Pilgrims who perform the pilgrimage, after the farewell circumambulation and two rakat prayers, turn towards the Kaaba and drink three sips while standing, starting with basmala. It is also sunnah to pour zamzam water on it while drinking it. Although many scientists went to Mecca to do research, they could not do research because only Muslims could enter the Kaaba area. The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that this water is the healthiest water in the world.
Hz. Ibrahim (A.S) sent his wife Hacer and her breast-feeding son Hz. He left Ismail, upon the order of Almighty God, to “Beytu-l Haram”, where the current zamzam well is located. At that time, no one lived in Mecca and there was neither food nor even water to drink. Hz. Abraham left some water and dates for his wife and left. After a while, when the water and dates ran out, Hacer could not stand her son’s cries and tried to find someone to ask for help on the “Safa Hill”. Hâcer, who could not see anyone, went back and forth between Safa and Merve hills seven times in fear. In the seventh, St. He saw Gabriel. Gabriel, standing next to a well, dug the ground and produced water. Hacer ran happily and said “Zamzam” meaning “stop” and surrounded the water. Afterwards, she made her son drink the water and nursed her baby. Hz. Gabriel called out; “Do not be afraid that we will perish or suffer losses. Here is the place of Baytullah (Kaaba). That boy and his father will make that couplet. Surely, Allah Almighty does not waste the people of that business”. “May Allah have mercy on Ismail’s mother, Hagar. If he had left the zamzam alone or not grasped it; Surely the zamzam would flow, it would be a river”. On the night of Isra and Miraj, Hz. The heart of the Prophet was washed with this clean water. This is how the story of the zamzam is told and this mysterious water still preserves its secret even today.

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