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What are Orthopedic Shoes? What are the Benefits?

Feet are the parts of the body that touch the ground, but they carry the weight of the body all day. Therefore, it is much more important for them to be healthy than usual. We take many steps during the day, sit and get up. Protecting the health of our feet, which is one of the most tired parts of our body, is one of the investments we can make for ourselves, even if we are constantly on the go. We say investment because some small problems that go unnoticed especially at young ages can lead to bigger problems in the future. Taking action to prevent such problems is one of the biggest investments one can make in oneself.

Orthopedic shoes specially designed for the foot of the person are of great importance in terms of protecting health. According to experts, the use of unnecessary orthopedic shoes does not provide any benefit and may cause laziness in the standing. In this article, we will talk about what orthopedic shoes are and their benefits.

What are Orthopedic Shoes?

Orthopedics is a medical specialty and treats disorders in organs and tissues that provide movement such as bones, muscles and nerves in the human body. Orthopedic shoes are shoes produced in accordance with the anatomical structure of the person’s foot. A healthy foot development is a process that should be followed from birth. Some parents can buy orthopedic shoes for their children during infancy or childhood without consulting a doctor. Contrary to popular belief, this may not be a very beneficial behavior for the child. Orthopedic shoes should be used specially when there are anatomical problems such as flat feet and intrusion.

Use of Orthopedic Shoes for Children

In fact, most children are born with flat feet. The foot differs from that of an adult as some biological processes are not completed and the foot does not develop motor skills. In this period, if the child does not have an orthopedic disorder, orthopedic shoes should not be used. Soft shoes should be preferred for healthy foot development in children. The type of shoes that do not adversely affect the child’s healthy foot development are those that are soft enough that the nose and heel touch each other. After the child starts walking, it can be taken to the doctor for control purposes. At the same time, if an abnormality in gait or foot shape is noticed, a specialist should be consulted immediately.

If flat feet do not go away after the age of 3 and introversion continues, it should be treated. Introversion is one of the serious orthopedic problems in the foot. If it is noticed as a child, it is tried to be treated with orthopedic shoes specially prepared for the person. The development and changes in the foot of the person can be followed for several years. The problem of pressing in can lead to many permanent problems in the lower back and spine at an early age or later. Pain resulting from untreated disorders reduces the quality of life of the person and can cause disruptions in the flow of life.

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