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The Secret of Milka Hazelnut Chocolate

Milka, which attracted attention with advertisements emphasizing “Milk from the Alps” in the years when it first started sales in Turkey, started to be produced in Turkey by Kent Gıda in the following years. We saw that the Milka brand Hazelnut Chocolate, which we came across the other day, was imported from Germany and we see the words “100% Alpine milk” on the product, which reminds us of the old times.

In the first 3 places in the content of the product; Contains sugar, cocoa butter and skimmed milk powder. In other words, it consists of skimmed milk powder, which is marketed as 100% Alpine milk. We can’t talk about a fresh flowing milk like in the advertisements or the image. Did the milk turn into powder in the Alps? We don’t know either. Table sugar is in the first place of the product. In this state, the product is 53 gr in 100 gr. contains sugar. So more than half of the product; It consists of sugar. In this state, 10.6 g in a single 20 g portion. In other words, you consume about 5 cubes of sugar. The calorie content of the product from added sugar is around 40% – well above the World Health Organization’s “health” criteria

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