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Mehmet Chief got angry with the contestant: This is not a beauty program, let him clean it with whatever it is!

In the new episode of Masterchef Turkey, jury member Mehmet Chief, reacting to a contestant because of nail polish on his nails, shouted, “This is not a beauty show, it’s a cooking contest.”

Mehmet Yalçınkaya, one of the jury members of the Masterchef Turkey competition, could not control his nerves when he saw the nail polished nails of a competitor. Mehmet Chief, who stated that they had warned the contestants many times before, became the agenda with his reaction to the contestant.
Chief Mehmet Yalçınkaya told the competitor Rağde, “Wait! What’s on your nail? Go clean your nails. Let them give you a nail cleaner, come and go. There is nail polish. How many times have we said that you can’t come to this program with nail polish? Someone help our friend. What is this cleaning with? clean it up, let it come. This is not a beauty program, this is a cooking contest,” she said.

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