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About the Importance of Learning a Foreign Language

The importance of learning a foreign language has become evident with the priorities that have entered the business life today. Foreign partnerships in business life and the necessity of learning a language related to it have almost made it necessary to learn at least one language. Employers want to recruit staff who speak at least one language on their resume. Especially companies with foreign partnerships require at least one foreign language from their employees. The global language, English, is used in official correspondence and meetings.

Knowing a language out of necessity also ensures that expectations are higher when starting a new job. Plus, every language learned facilitates employment, especially in business life. Some institutions specifically require a language other than English. The reason for this is the advantages of knowing the language of the companies it is affiliated with. Having a personal advantage over other employees also positively affects the person financially.

Personal Contributions of Knowing a Foreign Language
There is a desire to learn a language that comes with traveling to foreign countries. Knowing the language of the country we want to travel takes us one step ahead. If we know the language of the country we are visiting, we can socialize in a shorter time and adapt to the culture in a shorter time. However, we feel more comfortable and self-confident. Instead of escaping from crowded groups, we can socialize by getting into them. This leads to an increase in self-confidence.

Learning a new language is an exercise for the brain. Your memory improves as you learn a language. In addition, since your brain will automatically translate, it enables the brain to work in a versatile way and contributes to the development of your abilities. In fact, it would be a good move to learn a second language, as it will be easier to learn a second language after learning one. English is taught in schools from an early age. You will realize that languages ​​are learned easily when we create our infrastructure properly and prefer institutions that provide good education.

Psychological Contributions of Learning a Foreign Language
When you know the foreign language of a country, you can understand the people of that country more easily. This will reduce your stress level to a minimum. Because, especially when going abroad, the biggest problem can be described as not understanding each other. When you want to ask something, not being able to ask or not understanding the answer increases the stress level. Also, since you will get to know different cultures, learning a new language will broaden your horizons. At the same time, thanks to the words used while learning a new language, your mother tongue will develop automatically.

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