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He bought it for 90 thousand dollars, he looked like his eyes for years!

An Art aficionado, Stephanie Clegg was proud of the Marc Chagall painting in her collection. He bought the painting from Sotheby’s in 1994, nine years after Chagall’s death. At that time, he had paid $90,000 for his painting.

The painting hung on the bedroom wall of Clegg and his wife, Alfred John Clegg, for years. The painting was also put into storage due to lack of space when the couple decided to move to a smaller house in early 2020.

As such, Clegg decided to sell some of the works in his collection about 2 years ago. That’s why she knocked on the door of Sotheby’s again, she.

The experts at the auction house selected a few of Clegg’s paintings that would generate good returns. One of the selected works was the Chagall painting in question. But Sotheby’s had one condition: the painting would first be sent to France and verified as authentic by the Comite Marc Chagal, a panel of Chagall experts.

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