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At what age should children get a smartphone? Age of using mobile phone

In the developing technology world, it is very difficult to keep children away from technological devices. Especially if the child has reached school age and has seen a mobile phone in his friends, the first gift he will ask from his parents will be a mobile phone. When families have to send their children away alone, they may find it tempting to pick up a phone so they don’t get distracted and can reach them whenever they want. However, once taken, some habits that will not be interrupted cause some problems such as not being successful in the lessons and not being able to focus. What families need to know about the use of phones, which will be useful for families on the one hand, but can also make children addicted to technology, is in the details of the news! It does not surprise anyone that the new generation of technological products can key in their screens at record speed, and that they can use the touch screen with their fingers even when their eyes are closed. So what do the experts say about this issue? Should parents give phones to children at a young age? Here is the answer:

Experts give important advice against children who insist on their parents because they are in a friend but not with them. It should be clearly explained to the child whether the child’s age is suitable for using a smartphone. In the meantime, families should explain to their children that they can use their own phones in a limited time. They should act consciously when using the phone and set an example for their children.

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