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Healthy eating

A healthy diet is one of the most important issues in terms of maintaining both health and body form. Fulfilling the requirements for healthy and balanced nutrition in all age groups, starting with breast milk or formulas in infants, to adulthood and old age, is of great importance in terms of protection from diseases and having ideal body mass. In order for the daily functions of the body to be carried out smoothly, all nutrients must be met completely. In order to achieve this, a healthy and balanced diet is essential. In addition, obesity is among the most important risk factors for many types of acute and chronic diseases for individuals of all ages. Therefore, keeping the body mass in the ideal range with a healthy diet and calorie intake suitable for energy needs is very important in order to be protected from diseases and to lead a healthy life. For all these reasons, from infancy to old age, necessary care should be taken about healthy nutrition in every period of human life and an effort should be made to act consciously in this regard.

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