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Baltic Dream; Latvia… Emre Ünlü wrote

B.C. The Latvians, who are the descendants of the Indo-European communities that settled around the Baltic Sea around 2,500 BC and came to this region in the 12th century, were Christianized by the Germans and founded Riga, the capital of Latvia, in 1201. Latvia, one of the three countries of the Baltic region in Northern Europe, is a coastal country with a 531 km border to the Baltic Sea. It borders Estonia in the north, Lithuania in the south, Russia and Belarus in the east, and also borders Sweden overseas across the Baltic Sea.
During the First World War, most of the Latvian territory was occupied by the German armies. Taking advantage of the defeat of the Germans in the war, Russia launched an operation against the Baltic countries, but had to retreat with intense resistance. German armies withdrew from Latvia on 15 December 1919. After a while, Russia recognized Latvia and other Baltic countries and signed a series of treaties. In Latvia, which gained its independence, the state had weakened the economic and political power of the Germanic nobility by distributing the lands of the big landowners to the landless peasants.

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