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Who is Cemalnur Sargut?

Former referee and football commentator Ahmet Çakar claimed that he watched the image of Galatasaray manager Erden Timur kissing Cemalnur Sargut’s hand at a cult meeting. After the allegation came to the agenda, it was started to be wondered who Cemalnur Sargut was. So, who is Cemalnur Sargut?

Ahmet Çakar started his speech based on the statements made by Galatasaray manager Erden Timur yesterday, mentioning Cemalnur Sargut, “Erden Timur is a project. At the gate of Galatasaray opening to the west, I saw Erden Timur, who is currently the second man, kissing hands in the sect of Lady Cemalnur. Video” there is,” he said.

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