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Breathtaking view on the beach! Rare blue dragon washed ashore

A rare species of sea creature called the ‘Blue dragon’ was spotted on the beach on Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia. Also known as the Blue Dragon “Glaucus atlanticus”.

The creature that hit the sea shore surprised those who saw it. This species, which was seen after a long time, caused uneasiness in the people on the beach. People on the beach were warned about the possibility of poisoning.

The species lives freely in areas of the seas that are not close to the coast and the ocean floor. It is the only species in the genus Glaucus, but is closely related to another species of the Glaucidae family, Glaucilla marginata. This species can typically grow up to 6 cm tall and is dark blue in color. It is found in all oceans and temperate tropical waters of the world. It can float from the top of the water to the bottom. G. atlanticus preys on other pelagic species; Physalia physalis; Velella velella; Porpita porpita; janthina

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