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Wiretapping crisis in Greece! Mitsotakis: I didn’t know, I’m sorry

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis apologized for the allegations that the phones of Greek National Intelligence Agency EYP’s resigned President Panagiotis Kontoleon, Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) leader Nikos Androulakis and CNN Greece’s economy correspondent Thanasis Koukakis were tapped. According to the news in the Greek media, Mitsotakis described the situation as a serious and unforgivable mistake and said, “I had no idea, I would never have allowed it. I owe Mr. Androulakis an apology for the mistake.”

Alexis Tsipras, leader of Greece’s main opposition party SYRIZA, said the resignations over the wiretapping allegations “contain an admission of guilt and confirm the responsibility of the prime minister”. Tsipras said, “Mitsotakis should make a statement to the Greek people about his own scandal. This is a matter of democracy.” SYRIZA accused the prime minister of knowing and coordinating the wiretaps. The main opposition party also claimed that Mitsotakis sacrificed his closest and most trusted partners to save himself. The party claimed that the two resignations “proved that the Government and its spokesperson, Yiannis Economou, had been telling ‘corrupt lies’ for months.” PASOK also accused the government of trying to cover up the wiretapping allegations, although it was confirmed. Parliamentary Group Leader Kostas Skandalidis, referring to the closed-door parliamentary committee meeting on the allegations on July 29, said, “10 days ago, the PASOK leader claimed that there was an attempt to tap his cell phone, and this was approved by the European Parliament. The next day, the government rushed to parliament to close the issue. ” said.

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