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The news that the world has been waiting for has arrived: The ceasefire has begun.

While 8 people lost their lives as a result of Israel’s targeting of the Rafah region in the Gaza Strip, the total loss of life increased to 43 in the attacks that continued on the third day. “The operation will continue as long as necessary,” Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said in a statement regarding the attacks on the Gaza Strip. Israel has accepted the Egyptian-mediated agreement to end the conflict in Gaza, according to a breaking news report in AFP. With the agreement, the ceasefire between Israel and Palestine began at 23:30 local time.
The hopeful news came about the Gaza attacks launched by Israel on Friday.

According to the last minute development in AFP, a ceasefire has been reached for Gaza.

Egypt was known to mediate between the two sides. An Egyptian security source told AFP that Israel has agreed to a ceasefire in Gaza. The talks were also confirmed by an Islamic Jihad source.


An Egyptian security source stated that Israel accepted the ceasefire offer, and a Palestinian official familiar with Egypt’s ceasefire efforts stated that the ceasefire would come into effect at 20:00 local time. As of now, the ceasefire between Palestine and Israel started at 23.30 local time.

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