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Nicole Williams Reveals She’s Pregnant At Bikini Fashion Show!

Good news came from American football player Larry English (36) and model Nicole Williams (34) sitting on the wedding table in 2017.

The happily married couple made an unexpected move in the bikini and swimwear fashion show they attended the previous day.

In the fashion show held in Miami, the famous model surprised the audience on the podium with her husband. Nicole Williams, who went to the podium to walk in her bikini at the fashion show, greeted the audience with English. Williams, who wore a tulle navy blue bathrobe on her bikini, hid her belly, which was evident because the front was closed.

Then, on the podium, Williams opened her bathrobe and announced that she was pregnant by showing her growing belly.


Famous football player also kissed Nicole Williams’ belly. The Canadian model, who also posted her surprise podium moments on her Instagram account, said, “I was trying to write a perfect comment for this image, but then I remembered that a picture is a body of thousands of words. And here is the surprise!” used the phrases.

Many congratulatory messages rained down on Williams. Among those celebrating the famous model were names such as Kim Kardashian and Olivia Culpo.

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