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Protests Reach Different Dimensions in Sri Lanka

The recent economic crisis continues to cause social events in many parts of the world. The latest example of this is happening in Sirilanka. Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa officially announced to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe that he would resign from his post, following the protests in which his residence was raided in Sri Lanka, which is experiencing one of the biggest economic crises in its history.

According to information about the situation in Sri Lanka after this statement, the people in Sri Lanka intensified their protests at the end of March after power cuts found 13 hours a day. There was a clash between the demonstrators gathered around the Sri Lankan Prime Minister’s Office on May 9 and the supporters of the government, and military units were called to duty in the capital Colombo.

A nationwide curfew was declared after the violence, and the government ordered anyone who damaged public property or others during the protests to shoot. In the protests that spread across the country, 8 people, including the ruling party deputy and 2 police officers, lost their lives and at least 250 people were injured. Concern is growing that things will escalate further. It was stated that if support is requested from the international community, the requests will be evaluated.

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