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Steeringless autonomous car is now on the road!

One of the goals that autonomous vehicle manufacturers are trying to reach is a future without a steering wheel. Chinese technology giant Baidu is preparing to bring such a tool to the real world. Announcing the robotaxis called Apollo RT6, the company announced the features of the futuristic car.

Apollo RT6 robotaxis features

The Chinese technology company announced its new autonomous car as part of Baidu World 2022. Apollo RT6, which will serve as a robotaxis, draws attention with its stylish design and functional interior. The vehicle, which has a Level 4 (fully self-driving under appropriate conditions) autonomous vehicle system, has sensors and cameras almost everywhere.

According to the promotional video of Apollo RT6, it includes a total of 38 sensors, including 8 LiDAR and 12 cameras. The maximum speed and battery range of the electric car are uncertain for now, but it is stated that it will provide a smooth experience as a robotaxis.

It was stated that Apollo RT6, which has Baidu’s latest autonomous driving technologies, is ready for mass production. The vehicle, which is expected to be offered to taxi companies in China first, is expected to be around 37 thousand dollars.

It is said that the RT6, which looks much more futuristic compared to today’s autonomous vehicles, can leave the factory in 2023 and will be ready for sale. The autonomous vehicle can be used with Baidu’s own taxi application, the Apollo Go service.

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