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Global e-commerce volume will reach 5.4 trillion dollars

Digital transformation increases the momentum of e-commerce and its share in the retail market. While Morgan Stanley data indicates that e-commerce will reach $5.4 trillion by 2026, companies that want to be successful in the growing market are looking for ways to be visible in digital.

The data released by Morgan Stanley indicate that the e-commerce market, which is worth $ 3.3 trillion today, will reach the $ 5.4 trillion limit in 2026 and will constitute 27 percent of retail sales.

While a wide range of sellers meet the consumers in the growing market, the expectations of the buyers from the brands are increasing at the same rate.

While 94 percent of consumers who want to turn all the possibilities of online purchasing into an advantage request customer support with advanced technology infrastructure from companies, many of the consumers who receive service below their expectations leave the site before completing their shopping.

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