Monday, May 16, 2022

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Turkish Airlines Ticketing Service Fees Has İncreased

Turkish Airlines (THY) has passed new price regulations in ticketing service fees. According to the new regulations, it was increased to 2.5 USD with a 40 percent increase in the economy cabin and to 4.5 USD with a 50 percent increase in the business cabin.

Making statements on the subject, Turkish Airlines General Manager Bilal Ekşi stated that the ticketing service fee was rearranged and increased to 2.5 USD in the economy cabin and 4.5 USD in the business cabin.

“Domestic Agency Iftar” program organized by Turkish Airlines (THY); THY General Manager Bilal Ekşi, THY Deputy General Manager of Marketing and Sales Ahmet Olmış, THY Domestic Sales and Marketing President Emre Menevşe and THY executives participated. Turkish Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) Chairman of the Board Firuz B. Bağlıkaya, members of the Board of Directors and regional representatives and representatives of travel agencies attended the iftar.

What is the ticketing service fee?

The fee charged for the uninterrupted sales service offered from reservation to departure is called the ticketing service fee. The fare, which increased to 2.5 USD in the economy cabin, was 1.5 USD before, and the fare that increased to 4.5 USD in the business cabin was 2.5 USD.

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