Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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Blinken: Russia can advance to Ukraine at any time

US Secretary of State Blinken also said Russian troops could advance into Ukraine “at any moment”. Russia also announced that it has started a new military exercise on the Ukrainian border. “We are now in a time period where a military operation could begin at any time, and it is clear that such an operation could begin during the Olympic Games,” Blinken said.

Blinken made this statement following the Quadruple Security Dialogue (Quad) meeting in Melbourne, where he met with counterparts from Australia, Japan and India. The Winter Olympic Games, which Russian President Vladimir Putin also attended in Beijing on February 4, will continue until January 20. Pointing out that Moscow continues to send its troops to the Ukrainian border in his statement, Blinken said, “To put it simply, we are seeing alarming signs of Russian tension.” US President Joe Biden yesterday urged US citizens in Ukraine to leave the country. Germany, on the other hand, declared that the time has not yet come to call on its citizens to leave Ukraine. Noting that the situation is being evaluated, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that they are ready to act quickly at any time and that preparations are made for different measures.

Russia started a new exercise Russia, which started a comprehensive 10-day military exercise in Belarus yesterday, announced that a new exercise was held on the Ukrainian border with the participation of 400 soldiers today. In the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense, it was recorded that about 70 military vehicles, including tanks and unmanned aerial vehicles, participated in the military activity called “tactical exercise” in the Rostov region. Normandy Format meeting inconclusive Diplomatic contacts are also continuing to defuse the crisis. Ukrainian and Russian representatives met yesterday in Berlin within the framework of the “Normandy Format”.

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