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How to use lenses in winter ?

The first condition of using healthy lenses is that the inclination of the contact lens and the corneal layer on which the lenses is placed must match! While a lens that is tight to our eyes sticks to prevent the eye from being fed, a lens that is too tight can move a lot and cause eye irritation.

The use of contact lenses in the winter months is of particular importance. Those who wear glasses know the difficulty of walking on the street with glasses on a rainy day. Due to the masks we have to wear all the time, eyeglass wearers have difficulty seeing around through evaporating glasses. For this reason, after the epidemic, the use of contact lenses, including children, increased gradually. Parents, who used to be against their children’s wearing contact lenses, are now more positive about contact lens use.

Blink !!!

Due to the pandemic, the prolongation of working hours and the necessity of working at the computer for a long time while working from home due to the pandemic, the habit of staying at the computer for a long time, and the fact that children follow social media and play games on their mobile phones cause dryness in the eyes. Forgetting to blink while looking at the screen carefully is one of the most important causes of dryness… Dryness can become even more noticeable when using contact lenses. In recent years, new contact lenses have been produced with different materials and surface technologies for use in dry eyes. With these lenses, complaints of dry eyes are reduced, and contact lenses can be used for a longer period of time without complaints.

Since contact lenses come into direct contact with the eye surface, it is very important that they are compatible with the eyes, be careful when using them, and follow the rules. Lenses are produced in different basic curves and diameters, in different materials. Just as everyone’s fingerprints are different, the corneal inclination of each eye is also different.

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