Monday, May 16, 2022

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HDD capacities are opening up to 30 TB

Despite the SSD industry, which continues to rise, the HDD industry continues to show its capacity. After Seagate launched 20TB HDD drives, Toshiba stepped up its efforts for 30TB HDD drives.

30TB HDD drives are coming

Since there are no innovations such as mass memory in the NAND sector on the HDD side, efforts are made to increase capacities by developing innovations on the processing side. We are slowly moving towards 30TB capacities.

With the MAS-MAMR technology developed in cooperation with Toshiba, TDK and Showa Denko, HDD drives that exceed the 30TB limit will be possible in the near future. MAMR technology changes the magnetic coercivity of data using microwaves. MAS-MAMR, on the other hand, compresses this strain on narrower tracks and increases the intensity.

Showa Denko is the world’s largest producer of HDD platters. Toshiba and TDK are already well-known brands in the industry. Toshiba has already started shipping MAMR-based 18TB HDDs. 30TB HDD will have to wait for a while, but Toshiba relies heavily on this technology.

Apart from MAMR technology, PMR technology that writes on parallel magnetic traces, TDMR, the two-dimensional category of PMR technology, HAMR based on heat-assisted magnetic recording technology, and double reader heads are among the innovations used today.

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