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Biden threatens Russia with ‘heavy sanctions’

Evaluating his meeting with Putin, Biden stated that he openly stated that he would impose “heavy sanctions” on Russia in case of an invasion of Ukraine. U.S. President Joe Biden said he had warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that he would face “heavy sanctions” in case of an attack on Ukraine. President Biden made a statement to reporters in Washington today regarding the video conference he held with Russian leader Putin yesterday. Stating that he spoke “candidly” with Russian President Putin, US President Biden said that he warned the Russian leader that he would pay a heavy price if he invaded Ukraine. Biden said: “I explained it politely but clearly. If it invades Ukraine, heavy sanctions will be imposed. Economic sanctions that it has never seen before. I am sure you got my message.”

President Biden also stated that in the event of an attack on Ukraine, economic sanctions against Russia will be imposed, as well as an increase in the American military presence on the territory of NATO allies in Eastern Europe. “We may need to increase our presence in NATO countries, especially in order to pacify the eastern front. In addition, I made it clear that we will ensure the strengthening of Ukraine’s defense capabilities,” Biden said. Military operation option is “not on the table” The USA, which cooperates closely with Ukraine in the military field, provides millions of euros in arms support to the country. When asked whether the United States would send troops in the event of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Biden replied, “This is not on the table.” Stating that the USA is responsible to its NATO allies, Biden stated that Ukraine is not included in this alliance. Stating that the attitude of NATO countries is also important on this issue, Biden said, however, “The use of unilateral violence by the United States to counter the possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia is not a matter of discussion at the moment.” President Biden also announced that a high-level meeting will be held with the participation of Russia and at least four NATO countries to discuss Russia’s concern over NATO’s eastward expansion.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, described his meeting with President Biden as “open and constructive”, while rejecting the allegations that they would invade Ukraine. Speaking at a joint press conference with Greek Prime Minister Kiryakos Mitsotakis in Sochi, Putin said that Russia follows a “peaceful” foreign policy, but “has the right to defend its security”. Stressing that if Ukraine becomes a member of NATO, it is not possible for them to watch it “without worry”, Putin said, “Because this will undoubtedly lead to the deployment of troops, bases and weapons that threaten us.

” Disturbed by the possibility of Ukraine becoming a member of NATO, Russia wants NATO to end its eastward expansion. In his statement last week, Putin announced that if NATO’s military infrastructure is transferred to Ukraine, this would be to cross the “red line”. Russia’s massing of tens of thousands of soldiers on the Ukrainian border for weeks creates concerns in the USA and Europe that the Russian army may invade Ukraine. Moscow, which rejects these allegations, accuses Ukraine of provocation by sending more than 120,000 soldiers to the eastern separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk. AFP,AP,Reuters/JD,EC © Deutsche Welle

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